Sometimes I wonder am I the only one who is screaming inside for help. From sun up until sun down I hear my kids calling ” MOMMY, MOMMY”. I sometimes have nightmares about it and wake up with a full blown headache. The rare chance I do get someone to babysit i.e. grandma from daddy’s side, I’m so tired and just want to sleep. I hear others kids calling me ( even though I know they are not ) in restaurants, on the streets and even the doctors office. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids but mommy needs here freedom, her moment of serenity, her sanity back PLEASE. I am not as blessed as others as far as having a babysitter and frankly cannot afford one. Daddy goes to work and comes home tired and he has a right BUT so does mommy. I look in the mirror and see the wrinkles and bags. Guys I’m only 25. Yes 25. Some moms look like superheroes to me. They have a chain of children and still seem to keep it all together. I see them at grocery stores and retail stores and I have to hand it to them for their patience. Here I am juggling a numerous amount of projects and asking not for my hair to fall out everyday. (SMILING) Yes and not for me to pass out from malnutrition either. Aside from my rock star motherhood life, I am very knowledgeable of numerous things ranging from beauty secrets to dating. From fitness and health to sex and don’t be afraid to ask questions….I’m not shy. I want my blog to be interesting and fun okay maybe sometimes factual and boring but who doesn’t do that from time to time. I am here now!


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