My thoughts

Yesterday I got to thinking after my last post. Since I discovered juicing for myself, I thought ” Hey why not share what you know with the world”? I mean really what’s the harm in that? I have done tons of research for years, even before it became a trend. It’s a great way to incorporate those beloved fruits and veggies. We all can use a bit more of that these days! My blog is not just about juicing, trust me this is only the beginning. I have much more to tell you, so much more to discuss. Good information is rare to find and I understand the need to want to know more. I get it, all the way around. For years, I have been an adviser to my friends, family, and total complete strangers. ( You would be surprised what others may know). I always and I do mean always have a passion for helping others. People of all walks of life, no matter what race or ethnicity, no matter what size or shape. We all are human. 

I will be posting some more juicing recipes in my following posts so stay tuned…..



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