Craving Chocolate Anyone?

We all love chocolate. The way it so deliciously melts in our mouths and instantly takes us to that special place…YOU KNOW THAT PLACE! But there are those who consistently crave chocolate on a daily basis….does this ring home for any of you guys? Getting rid of cravings means getting the root cause of those food urges. Just because you are craving chocolate does not mean this is what your body needs biochemically. Chances are very strong that your body needs something more of nutritional value. So the next time, before you even think of reaching for those candy bars that were so glamorously advertised in aisle 3 opt for something like fruits or veggies or a big glass of nicely pressed juice!

BIG TIP OF THE DAY * people who crave sweets and chocolates usually need a dose of chromium.

Foods containing chromium are apples, oysters, chicken, green peppers, potatoes, brewer’s yeast, and whole wheat

Beneficial Juices are green pepper, apple, spinach, and carrot. * POP THAT JUICER OUT GUYS!

You can also supplement with chromium drops 2-3 drops per day


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