Creative Blockage Farewell 2013

Usually I’m overflowing with ideas and creativity but lately, I have found myself stuck. Maybe it was the holiday rush or just me being too lazy to workout my ideas. Like right now, I know what I want to say but have a hard time conveying it. Writing has always been my escape, my thing as far back as I can remember. I’m not too good with communicating things verbally but give me a pen and I can definitely tell you some things. So when all of a sudden I’m frozen inside and cannot do the one thing that I enjoy the most , kinda scares me. I’m not in the mood. I guess my brain overloaded and needs time to chill. Maybe I’ve been in mommy overdrive. Whatever the case, I hope the juices get flowing again and very soon because I don’t like this feeling. I have been sick lately so maybe that’s it. The fog of 2013 will soon be over and good thing!!!! Looking forward to a brand new year and plenty new things to share with my blogger family!!!!! Xoxo to all of you and thanks so much for your support. This blog is my vessel to share all that I know with you all! Goodbye 2013 and sucky creativity block …. Make way for 2014! Until next time…..


Cloudy with a chance of marriage!!!

Whoever said marriage was easy was clearly lying through their teeth. Not saying marriage is a horrible thing nor is it a garden of perfect smelling roses. It takes lots of patience, prayer, and pulling yourself up by the boot straps. Love is a wonderful thing and having a lifetime partner is a blessing in so many ways. I’ve been married for four years and it’s been an emotional roller coaster ride. A ride I chose to go on. My hubby can be kind, gentle, passionate, funny, caring, loving, and all those marvelous things….BUT he can be a serious pain in my rear end at times. We can go neck to neck any given moment but somehow the passion we have for each other never dwindles. The light may go out and we are standing in the dark for a little while but somehow we make our way back to the light again. Movies show love or falling in love as this grand experience and then you ride off in the sunset…then what? There are no rules, no guidelines to follow. We as human beings have to make it up as we go along. To be so lucky to find your true love….or the closest to it!!!!! Even though I love him with my entire heart and soul it’s still a daily push we give ourselves. Doesn’t mean we love them any less. As times change so does the ideas of marriage. I guess we all must fight the good fight to keep love alive! After all it is love that got us here in the first place. As time continues so must we. Until next time…….


As the year comes to an end and the New year approaches, it’s time to think of change. What to do differently this time around. As I reflect on this pass year, I feel I have learned to let go. Let go all the pain I had bottled up within myself. I learned to love me a little bit more. I’m so use to taking care of others that sometimes I bypass myself. This year many things have happened and not all was great. I know many people make resolutions they don’t intend on keeping but I have one and one alone. May the new year to come be better than the last. May I continue this self awareness and bring what I’ve learned to help others. So this month, the last month of 2013 be my time to reflect and gather my thoughts and bring in a new year a better me. I encourage everyone to do the same. Enjoy life and be content with yourselves. May the new year bring you love, peace, and happiness! Until next time…..