As the year comes to an end and the New year approaches, it’s time to think of change. What to do differently this time around. As I reflect on this pass year, I feel I have learned to let go. Let go all the pain I had bottled up within myself. I learned to love me a little bit more. I’m so use to taking care of others that sometimes I bypass myself. This year many things have happened and not all was great. I know many people make resolutions they don’t intend on keeping but I have one and one alone. May the new year to come be better than the last. May I continue this self awareness and bring what I’ve learned to help others. So this month, the last month of 2013 be my time to reflect and gather my thoughts and bring in a new year a better me. I encourage everyone to do the same. Enjoy life and be content with yourselves. May the new year bring you love, peace, and happiness! Until next time…..


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