Enjoying A True Connection

If you ever experience unhappiness in your relationship, it’s most likely due to a lack of connection. Make time for your partner, be there for each other emotionally, and keep your sex life interesting this will help you to create a relationship that sustains and inspires you, physically and emotionally, for years to come. Keep a strong connection with your partner by working on intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. This shouldn’t be difficult. Sometimes the simplest acts bring couples closer and help them to enjoy each other’s company. Wether it is a common hobby, a vacation together, or carving out time to cuddle in bed and catch up on the days events, many couples find that it takes only a little spark to light their fire that is if both partners are really there.
It is important to be emotionally present to keep that close connection with your lover. Give him or her your undivided attention, and you can bond even with just ten moments together. On the other hand, if your mind is on something else, you could spend hours alone with your partner and never truly connect.

Stay present in your relationship by practicing appreciation and gratitude. By appreciating what you have right now, you can put yourself in the moment and get off the constant “I want/I need” merry-go-round. Like always until next time……….



Just set me free, unbound the chains
And watch me flee
All the pain you caused, separates my body from my soul
Now in a million pieces, which once were a whole
I feel trapped here, stuck in this room
All I see are four walls and my never ending doom
The windows give me a glimmer of hope
As that is the only light that shines
How long do I have to search? How many mountains I have left to climb?
When and where does the world become mine? Not here, not there, probably a space in nowhere
The truth I speak, my thoughts run deep
No matter what you may seek, I have sought them longer
When does the hurt go away? What will make me stay? When do I become stronger ?

Written By : Kimberly Reynolds

Benefits of a committed relationship

Benefits of a committed relationship

A committed relationship in which both partners experience real connection is a source of joy, inspiration, and comfort. With your lover and best friend by your side, you have someone who makes your life 100% worth living, even when everything that can go wrong does. You have someone to cuddle in bed with, to laugh with, to support you through loss, to cheer you through adversity, and to help you celebrate victory. Potentially, you even have someone to create life with.
Being in a committed relationship brings stability and security. You’re likely to feel happier and more contented than your single counterparts, making you less prone to mental illness and depression. You’re also less likely to abuse tobacco and alcohol, and more likely to lead an active lifestyle, be happier, and live longer. When you feel a strong connection to your lover, it energizes you and helps you to appreciate and connect to the outside world. Yes, we can survive without love, but we won’t necessarily thrive.
For most couples, being in an exclusive monogamous relationship affords them the best sex of their lives. When there are no trust issues and you are with one person you love and feel safe with, there’s a level of freedom and creativity that would be impossible in a casual encounter. Yet when TV shows, movies, and Hollywood in General tend to portray monogamy as dull~even old fashioned~we can’t help but be a little influenced by this. The reality is that, far from being boring, monogamy gives you the opportunity to enjoy sex every day of your life, to be spontaneous, to experiment, and explore your wildest fantasies with abandon because you feel safe to do so. Until next time……….

Stand Out Of The CROWD

It’s good to be different. No one ever stood out in a flock.- Lynn Harless

Peer pressure is a common theme for teenagers but it can also be an issue for many adults. While we all strive to be individuals, we also feel the need to fit in. Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses? Is the designer bag or shoes you splurged on a status symbol for others to take note of, or is it a special investment that means something to you and puts a punctuation mark on your personality? While it’s natural for friends to have common tastes, you run the risk of getting lost in a crowd, not having your own voice, and not attracting what you may really really want. It’s important to be true to who you are and identify the difference between conforming and having the courage to be quirky. You don’t want to be a mirror image of anyone else. You deserve your own spotlight! Stop stressing about what’s wrong with you and celebrate all the good things about yourself. Remember what works for him/her May not work for you!!!! Stay confident, until next time……

Sex talk, Monday Madness!!!!

I feel like I’m stuck in a sexual rut. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not in tuned with my body or if I’m just bored. I told myself today I am going on a sex strike (whatever that means). Sex is suppose to be enjoyable and lately it is not cutting it for me. Don’t get me wrong I like sex and have had some very pleasurable experiences…..just cannot put my finger on the problem. Is it a communication issue? Maybe!! Stress? Maybe!! Lack of sleep? Maybe!! Is there a such thing as being sexually exhausted? I’m going to do a little more self reflection and pay more attention to my body cues. I have never had this happen and I’m afraid I might be overreacting. I tend to over think anyway. Sex and I mean healthy sex should always be safe, pleasurable, and comfortable. When it’s not its time to investigate the surrounding factors as well as the issue at hand. Don’t freak out and think something is tragically wrong with you, I’m pretty sure it’s natural and we as humans are complex creatures and have gone through this at some point in our sex lives. I encourage everyone to become more sexually aware of their bodies and find what makes you feel sexually satisfied. My quest for knowledge and answers is never over, what I learn I bring to you guys. Until next time……..

Waking Up!!!!

Lost in a dream, watching my soul float around
Things that were important disappear into the clouds
Memories fade and I’m finally at peace
The air fill my lungs and I’m able to release
All the pain, tension, things that have been bothering me
If I scream there would be no echo
No sound at all
I can say what I want when I want
I could stand eight foot tall
Crushing all my demons and fear in one single leap
Coming back to life as a brand new me!

Written By: Kimberly Reynolds

For The One I Love!

The wait is unbearable
Your lips I can no longer taste
You scent I can no longer smell
The time on the clock goes so slow
Waiting for you is my own personal hell
Not knowing if this will be the last time so I freeze your face in my mind
I will remember you as long as my memory withstands
Your touch, your feel, your grasp, your hand
I wait for the knock on the door or the turn of your key
Oh! Poor lonely me!
You come, we love, we sleep
Tomorrow comes and it just repeats!!!!

Written by : Kimberly Reynolds

Until next time……..

Domestic Violence Chit Chat!!

Domestic violence is a rising problem in the United States and abroad! It’s very important for women and men to be aware about abuse in all forms. Something struck a cord in me last night as I was watching something on tv. It made me feel sad and I couldn’t sleep all night. I tossed and turned running different scenarios through my head. I personally know domestic violence by being a victim of it myself. Also I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum and not really being aware of what was going on. Although, this has been many years ago, I still can identify with it. I know you guys probably heard it a thousand times over but it is never okay for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife to physically, verbally, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually abuse you. No one person on this planet have that kind of power over your being. My hope is one day everyone will know their worth and know they deserve better!!!! Remember, you are worthy of love and safety. If you ever feel threatened or scared in your relationship, trust your gut feeling and get out of it as safely as possible. Talk with others that care about you so they can be aware and help you. Leaving does not make you a bad person, or makes you a quitter. Leaving shows strength and courage to do the right thing and protect yourself. Do not make excuses for the other person and NO THEY WILL NOT CHANGE. They need help and that help is way beyond what you can offer them. Protect yourself first. This comes from a place of love and understanding. I know it may be hard but you have to remember your worth. It’s all of our job to be aware and raise awareness to others. We all are worthy of being loved!!!! Until next time…….

Diabetes Myths

The diabetes problem is fact, not fiction. I have been dealing with type 2 for about 3 years now. More than 23 million Americans have now been diagnosed. Here’s more of the truth about this condition.

MYTH: Sugar cause diabetes
FACT: Diabetes runs in certain families. For type 2 diabetes, being overweight and other lifestyle issues also add to risk.

MYTH: People with diabetes must eat special food.
FACT: Your diabetes meal plan should be based on whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Those same foods are a part of any healthy diet.

MYTH: Diabetes isn’t that serious
FACT: If you don’t take steps to control it, diabetes can make you very sick. But healthy eating, exercise, and prescription drugs can reduce your risk for problems.

Remember: If you don’t take control of your diabetes, it can make you very sick. Until next time……

Asthma Triggers!

If you have asthma, certain things can cause you to have an asthma attack. These triggers include things like cigarette smoke, pollen or air pollution, cold air, mold, animals, and dust. To help control your asthma, stay clear of these triggers.

Also, learn how to spot the early signs of an asthma attack. When you know the signs, you can stay in control. Early signs can be different for each person, but here are common ones:
A long lasting cough
Chest tightness or discomfort
Becoming out of breath more easily than usual
Frequent clearing of the throat
Stuffy nose

A written asthma action plan spells out how to use your drugs. If you don’t have a written asthma action plan, ask your doctor for one.

Remember: If you don’t have a written asthma action plan, ask your doctor for one.

If you have a certain topic or question you need me to touch on, please feel free to ask in the comments section below or email me threw my personal email! I do all these things for you guys so feel free! Until next time…..