Safe And Healthy Sex

To be safe and healthy when having sex, you need to talk with your partner and plan. The following suggestions can help:

Talk with your partner. Before having sex, you should talk about his or her STD status or IV drug use, and wether he or she will agree to use a condom.

Protect yourself every time you have sex, including oral sex, until you’re sure your partner doesn’t have an STD. A condom is the best protection against STDs. A new one should be used every time you have sex.

Be responsible. Don’t have sexual contact if you have or are being treated for an STD. If you’ve had unprotected sex, see your doctor for a complete STD screening.

Stay alert and aware. Alcohol and drugs impair your judgement and your ability to use condoms properly.

Remember “SAFE” sex is for responsible people who care about their health and that of their partners! Until next time …..


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