Roles You Play!!!

In every relationship, there are obvious roles and responsibilities that help couples go about their daily lives. However, sometimes partners unwittingly take on roles that don’t suit them.
All couples consciously or subconsciously take on certain roles within a relationship. Usually these roles enable you both to utilize your separate talents and satisfy a need to express your personality. Roles tend to evolve as you settle into a relationship and take on what comes naturally to you so you may or may not be aware of them.
Think about roles you play in your relationship. Perhaps you are the problem solver, nurturer, comedian, or worrier. Or maybe you are the cynic, champion, organizer, or disciplinarian. If you find it difficult to identify your roles, think about your typical interactions with your partner. Do you find yourself supporting your partner, flattering them, or making them laugh?
Often your roles complement one another by pooling your resources you work better as a team and enjoy a more rounded, fulfilling relationship. For instance, if one of you is naturally cautious and uncertain, the other is likely to adopt a more positive, upbeat role. If one tends to be more gregarious and emotional, the other is more calm and diplomatic.
Roles should allow you to use your personal talents and showcase your unique abilities. You can supplement and nurture one another in a way that keeps your relationship healthy and dynamic.
Negative roles can get in the way of intimacy and conflict resolution. It almost always leads to stress! It’s very important for you to realize which roles you tend to adopt.
Examples of more roles will be in my next post, stay tuned!!! Until next time………


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