I’m supposed to be DEAD

I recently came across something on my credit report that said I was deceased. I had to think about that for a moment. Who actually reported on my death. I would like to know exactly how I died. Would have loved to see that funeral. Does anyone else know I’m deceased? I really thought about these things as I was stunned to see this clearly written on my credit report.

I am actually well and very much alive. Just made me a little upset that I’m supposedly dead. Has this happened to anyone else?


The Time I Never Get

 I watch him not notice me….I continuously punish myself for his choice.

I absorb all his stress and make it my own.

If only I could save the world for him…then he will know how deep my love really is.

Time is not on my side…I watch it tease me when i see others kissing or holding hands.

I want to freeze him in time.

Let him stand still and I can admire every feature.

If only time didn’t rob him from me.

He would be all mine. For now I will absorb it all.

Domestic Violence Chit Chat!!

Domestic violence is a rising problem in the United States and abroad! It’s very important for women and men to be aware about abuse in all forms. Something struck a cord in me last night as I was watching something on tv. It made me feel sad and I couldn’t sleep all night. I tossed and turned running different scenarios through my head. I personally know domestic violence by being a victim of it myself. Also I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum and not really being aware of what was going on. Although, this has been many years ago, I still can identify with it. I know you guys probably heard it a thousand times over but it is never okay for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife to physically, verbally, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually abuse you. No one person on this planet have that kind of power over your being. My hope is one day everyone will know their worth and know they deserve better!!!! Remember, you are worthy of love and safety. If you ever feel threatened or scared in your relationship, trust your gut feeling and get out of it as safely as possible. Talk with others that care about you so they can be aware and help you. Leaving does not make you a bad person, or makes you a quitter. Leaving shows strength and courage to do the right thing and protect yourself. Do not make excuses for the other person and NO THEY WILL NOT CHANGE. They need help and that help is way beyond what you can offer them. Protect yourself first. This comes from a place of love and understanding. I know it may be hard but you have to remember your worth. It’s all of our job to be aware and raise awareness to others. We all are worthy of being loved!!!! Until next time…….