Enjoying A True Connection

If you ever experience unhappiness in your relationship, it’s most likely due to a lack of connection. Make time for your partner, be there for each other emotionally, and keep your sex life interesting this will help you to create a relationship that sustains and inspires you, physically and emotionally, for years to come. Keep a strong connection with your partner by working on intimacy inside and outside the bedroom. This shouldn’t be difficult. Sometimes the simplest acts bring couples closer and help them to enjoy each other’s company. Wether it is a common hobby, a vacation together, or carving out time to cuddle in bed and catch up on the days events, many couples find that it takes only a little spark to light their fire that is if both partners are really there.
It is important to be emotionally present to keep that close connection with your lover. Give him or her your undivided attention, and you can bond even with just ten moments together. On the other hand, if your mind is on something else, you could spend hours alone with your partner and never truly connect.

Stay present in your relationship by practicing appreciation and gratitude. By appreciating what you have right now, you can put yourself in the moment and get off the constant “I want/I need” merry-go-round. Like always until next time……….