You Look Hot!!!!

As a long-term couple you know each other inside and out and have seen each other looking at your best and your worst. But although it seem unnecessary, in fact you should never give up courting your mate. You should never reach a point where you think ” I don’t need to attract her anymore”. Love is blind, true, but love also thrives on beauty, sexuality, and physical attraction. 

Putting time and effort into your appearance is worthwhile and necessary for a sizzling, sexy relationship. When you go out on a date, think about what you are going to wear. Spend time in the mirror. Have your hair or nails done. Wear a bra that boosts your cleavage. Put on a shirt you know she likes and spray on some cologne. Make sure that your body simply cries out for a kiss goodnight…..and maybe much more! Your appearance should signal that the night is special.

No matter how long you have been together, dating should still be an essential part of your relationship. It helps you to stay bonded with your spouse, both emotionally and physically, and it keeps your relationship vital, fun, and intimate. So make the commitment to go steady and no matter what just enjoy yourselves!!!! Until next time……….

You Better Flirt!!

Flirting keeps your relationship fresh, fun, friendly, and flatters your partner, boosting his or her confidence. Flirt with your partner everyday, and you’re bound to cause a chemical reaction.
Revive the moves you used when you were dating. They will still work. For her: flutter your eyelashes, toss your hair, grab his arm as he walks you to the car, leave your panties at home when you guys go out dinner and tell him at the restaurant, wear nothing but high heels to bed, tell him he looks great. Just to name few!
For Him: lift something heavy and flex those biceps, carry her into the bedroom, pull out her chair for her, ask her if she wants to share dessert, tell her she looks great. Just to name a few! Until next time…………
Remember: Flirt Outrageously!!!!!!

Does Size Matter?

This is where you are expecting me to say no, the size of the penis doesn’t matter very reassuringly. But the truth is: it does matter. Whether too big or too small( remembering that these are relative terms), the size of the penis can interfere with optimal pleasure for both partners. I can still be reassuring, however: whatever the size, the issues that arise are totally solvable.


If your partner is TOO BIG:

* Use positions that keep penetration shallower, and positions that give you control

* Use plenty of lubricant

* Take your time, and make sure you are fully relaxed and aroused before you begin intercourse


* Put a lot of emphasis on foreplay

*Choose positions that optimize clitoral stimulation

* Use the squeeze method- the actual squeeze portion during intercourse

with these tricks up your sleeve, it won’t matter that size matters.