Benefits of a committed relationship

Benefits of a committed relationship

A committed relationship in which both partners experience real connection is a source of joy, inspiration, and comfort. With your lover and best friend by your side, you have someone who makes your life 100% worth living, even when everything that can go wrong does. You have someone to cuddle in bed with, to laugh with, to support you through loss, to cheer you through adversity, and to help you celebrate victory. Potentially, you even have someone to create life with.
Being in a committed relationship brings stability and security. You’re likely to feel happier and more contented than your single counterparts, making you less prone to mental illness and depression. You’re also less likely to abuse tobacco and alcohol, and more likely to lead an active lifestyle, be happier, and live longer. When you feel a strong connection to your lover, it energizes you and helps you to appreciate and connect to the outside world. Yes, we can survive without love, but we won’t necessarily thrive.
For most couples, being in an exclusive monogamous relationship affords them the best sex of their lives. When there are no trust issues and you are with one person you love and feel safe with, there’s a level of freedom and creativity that would be impossible in a casual encounter. Yet when TV shows, movies, and Hollywood in General tend to portray monogamy as dull~even old fashioned~we can’t help but be a little influenced by this. The reality is that, far from being boring, monogamy gives you the opportunity to enjoy sex every day of your life, to be spontaneous, to experiment, and explore your wildest fantasies with abandon because you feel safe to do so. Until next time……….