You can have it your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever found it embarrassing or even uncomfortable to talk about sex with your partner? Well it’s not uncommon for us to feel some sort of way about this, whether you are dating or married. I have listed below some ways to open up the discussion the next time you are communicating your needs in bed.

Be friendly when communicating about sex, have manners; saying please never hurt anyone!

Talk about what you want more instead of what you don’t want. For instance, say something like ” I like you on top” rather than ” I don’t like being on top”.

Take your partner hands and stroke yourself. Whisper ” like this”. Actually whisper a lot, it’s incredibly sexy.

If something feels good say so

If you say ” don’t do that” ADD  ” do this instead”

Unless something awful just happened ( like the condom broke) save the serious talk until after sex.

Hopefully this will open the door to a new discovery of your sexual needs. Sex should always be safe and comfortable. ” No” is still a valuable option.





My thoughts

Yesterday I got to thinking after my last post. Since I discovered juicing for myself, I thought ” Hey why not share what you know with the world”? I mean really what’s the harm in that? I have done tons of research for years, even before it became a trend. It’s a great way to incorporate those beloved fruits and veggies. We all can use a bit more of that these days! My blog is not just about juicing, trust me this is only the beginning. I have much more to tell you, so much more to discuss. Good information is rare to find and I understand the need to want to know more. I get it, all the way around. For years, I have been an adviser to my friends, family, and total complete strangers. ( You would be surprised what others may know). I always and I do mean always have a passion for helping others. People of all walks of life, no matter what race or ethnicity, no matter what size or shape. We all are human. 

I will be posting some more juicing recipes in my following posts so stay tuned…..