Romance…A Humans Love!

In most animal species, lust has it’s way, mating occurs, and the two individuals go their separate ways. But for humans it’s very different. The initial attraction is the trigger that leads into one of the most wonderful and sought- after experiences of life; ROMANCE! This is the passionate, all- consuming emotion that makes you feel on top of the world when everything is going well, and throws you into depths of despair when love is thwarted, unrequited, or rejected. It is for romance that lovers swim across oceans, scale mountains, and slay dragons to impress, delight, or simply be with the beloved. It’s more powerful than lust. People don’t kill themselves for sex, but they will for a broken romance….no offense to anyone! Love is not just a feeling, it’s actually a goal-directed drive that affects our behavior and thinking by improving performance where the lover is involved.