Waking Up!!!!

Lost in a dream, watching my soul float around
Things that were important disappear into the clouds
Memories fade and I’m finally at peace
The air fill my lungs and I’m able to release
All the pain, tension, things that have been bothering me
If I scream there would be no echo
No sound at all
I can say what I want when I want
I could stand eight foot tall
Crushing all my demons and fear in one single leap
Coming back to life as a brand new me!

Written By: Kimberly Reynolds


Sexual Customs Fact or???

The United States has many laws governing sexual behavior more than all the European nations combined. The only legally sanctioned sexual act in the United States is private heterosexual or homosexual intercourse between married adults. Some societies have no words for indecent, obscene, or impure in their vocabularies. The topic of sex is not considered shameful or embarrassing. Boys in Mangia are given sexual instructions and taught sexual techniques and various coital positions, breast stimulations, cunnilingus, and methods displaying ejaculation so their female partners can experience orgasms. The inhabitants of Bali and India have no elaborate practices of seduction. If sex is desired, one needs simply to ask. The Aweikoma of Brazil feel that since eating and intercourse involve body orifices, the same term is used for both activities. Tinquian people of the Pacific Islands do not kiss, instead, they place their lips close to their partners’ lips and rapidly inhale. The National Center Of Health reports that 70 percent of married women have had premarital sex and that 95 percent of American women have had sex by the age of 25. Americans are exposed to some form of sexual innuendo about 12 times an hour or every 5 mins.