My toddler daughter has been in daycare for about a year now. She has made so much progress and I can see her social skills really developing. I had to deal with quite a lot of BS from the staff over the past year. It really has me questioning the choice to let her stay another year there. I woke up this morning dreading the re-enrollment process. I personally think the environment is good for her but I feel they(the staff) hold a grudge against me of some kind. I don’t know if it’s because I’m married( I get the feeling some of them are jealous). They gossip like minor high school kids. Some of the benefits other parents get there, I do not receive the same treatment. Ok, I know I’m not the PTA queen and don’t get quite involved in the school festivities…but come on! I really should have a choice in the matter without having to feel excluded and unacknowledged as a great parent. Really guys, it took me several months to get them to acknowledge me. They catered to my husband(go figure) but paid me no kind of mind. I spoke ” good morning everyone” every single day and not one person spoke back. If my hubby speaks, it’s totally different. Maybe I’m overreacting to this but hey, I can feel some way about this right? If it wasn’t for the program helping my daughter, I would have enrolled her into a new school whom don’t frown upon working moms. Really????? My patience amazes me sometimes. I’m so glad I have you guys to vent to or my sanity might be questioned further down the line. I only gave you a light insight, trust me, it’s so much more to this story. So I guess this is good morning! Thanks guys for letting me vent…stay tuned for regular programming( this is the caffeine talking).