The Way I See It

Even though I don’t always speak
I write the words spoken from my heart
I follow my faintest dreams and always finish what I start
Procrastination is foreign to me it never held any weight
I’m the first to arrive to do my work and the one who’s still working after 8
I give my all those closest to me will tell
I walk my truth in a heavenly sense even though I’m walking in the mist of hell
To go back..never, to that I say never again
For I have seen my misfortunes and have become too determined
To settle for less or settle for the most great
That is a line I must define
So do not judge me based on my shell
My heart speaks a thousand words in a day sorry if you can’t tell
I may not speak but I do write words from my heart
I keep my word and always finish what I start
Blessed be my name even in my moments of shame
Nothing I have done I regret
I live my life for the better in me
I have not become perfect….yet!

Written By: Kimberly Reynolds


Diabetes Myths

The diabetes problem is fact, not fiction. I have been dealing with type 2 for about 3 years now. More than 23 million Americans have now been diagnosed. Here’s more of the truth about this condition.

MYTH: Sugar cause diabetes
FACT: Diabetes runs in certain families. For type 2 diabetes, being overweight and other lifestyle issues also add to risk.

MYTH: People with diabetes must eat special food.
FACT: Your diabetes meal plan should be based on whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Those same foods are a part of any healthy diet.

MYTH: Diabetes isn’t that serious
FACT: If you don’t take steps to control it, diabetes can make you very sick. But healthy eating, exercise, and prescription drugs can reduce your risk for problems.

Remember: If you don’t take control of your diabetes, it can make you very sick. Until next time……