Sex talk, Monday Madness!!!!

I feel like I’m stuck in a sexual rut. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not in tuned with my body or if I’m just bored. I told myself today I am going on a sex strike (whatever that means). Sex is suppose to be enjoyable and lately it is not cutting it for me. Don’t get me wrong I like sex and have had some very pleasurable experiences…..just cannot put my finger on the problem. Is it a communication issue? Maybe!! Stress? Maybe!! Lack of sleep? Maybe!! Is there a such thing as being sexually exhausted? I’m going to do a little more self reflection and pay more attention to my body cues. I have never had this happen and I’m afraid I might be overreacting. I tend to over think anyway. Sex and I mean healthy sex should always be safe, pleasurable, and comfortable. When it’s not its time to investigate the surrounding factors as well as the issue at hand. Don’t freak out and think something is tragically wrong with you, I’m pretty sure it’s natural and we as humans are complex creatures and have gone through this at some point in our sex lives. I encourage everyone to become more sexually aware of their bodies and find what makes you feel sexually satisfied. My quest for knowledge and answers is never over, what I learn I bring to you guys. Until next time……..