The Way I See It

Even though I don’t always speak
I write the words spoken from my heart
I follow my faintest dreams and always finish what I start
Procrastination is foreign to me it never held any weight
I’m the first to arrive to do my work and the one who’s still working after 8
I give my all those closest to me will tell
I walk my truth in a heavenly sense even though I’m walking in the mist of hell
To go back..never, to that I say never again
For I have seen my misfortunes and have become too determined
To settle for less or settle for the most great
That is a line I must define
So do not judge me based on my shell
My heart speaks a thousand words in a day sorry if you can’t tell
I may not speak but I do write words from my heart
I keep my word and always finish what I start
Blessed be my name even in my moments of shame
Nothing I have done I regret
I live my life for the better in me
I have not become perfect….yet!

Written By: Kimberly Reynolds


Thinking of You Again

I never knew you
But your smile was among the familiar
It spoke words to my soul
And I don’t even know what language you speak
I would never let you see me stare at you
For I’m afraid to send the wrong message
If you ever came close to parting your lips to me, my heart would melt
And run streams of silver and gold at your feet
You would feel my warmth and how rich I really am
And know I’m not easy

Written By: Kimberly Reynolds

Ringing In My Head

Even though I prayed many times
For the clearing of my spiritual mind
To cleanse my soul and unwanted thoughts
To fight against what I was naturally taught
I find temptation hard to fight
Even though I wish I could every night
My soul is bare and open to the world
My heart on my sleeve like a teenage girl
Praying for strength, praying for light
Praying for answers day and night
Feeling like it’s a waste of time
Pouring out my feelings and mind
I fight for myself to stay sane
Caged in a box with only one name
I hear it now I heard it then
I hear it everyday….. It’s all a whirlwind
No one said this was the journey
No one told me how hard it would be
Still I pray and still I fight
Resisting evil with all my might

Written By: Kimberly Reynolds


My toddler daughter has been in daycare for about a year now. She has made so much progress and I can see her social skills really developing. I had to deal with quite a lot of BS from the staff over the past year. It really has me questioning the choice to let her stay another year there. I woke up this morning dreading the re-enrollment process. I personally think the environment is good for her but I feel they(the staff) hold a grudge against me of some kind. I don’t know if it’s because I’m married( I get the feeling some of them are jealous). They gossip like minor high school kids. Some of the benefits other parents get there, I do not receive the same treatment. Ok, I know I’m not the PTA queen and don’t get quite involved in the school festivities…but come on! I really should have a choice in the matter without having to feel excluded and unacknowledged as a great parent. Really guys, it took me several months to get them to acknowledge me. They catered to my husband(go figure) but paid me no kind of mind. I spoke ” good morning everyone” every single day and not one person spoke back. If my hubby speaks, it’s totally different. Maybe I’m overreacting to this but hey, I can feel some way about this right? If it wasn’t for the program helping my daughter, I would have enrolled her into a new school whom don’t frown upon working moms. Really????? My patience amazes me sometimes. I’m so glad I have you guys to vent to or my sanity might be questioned further down the line. I only gave you a light insight, trust me, it’s so much more to this story. So I guess this is good morning! Thanks guys for letting me vent…stay tuned for regular programming( this is the caffeine talking).

My Husband

I experienced love last night

took all my breath and suffocated my every thought

drained my blood and flushed my system with insanity

LOVE never felt or tasted this good

even if it’s not real, let us pretend we exist as this

your every emotion I felt pressed inside me

I drank your every word

love is what I experienced

when you kissed me there

love is what I needed, when you wrapped your tongue in my words

nothing tangible, just you in my head

love didn’t know me until you

– KR-