Getting married  is a fun and exciting  time, not only for the bride but also for the groom and wedding party. Wether you have a big wedding or a small private ceremony there are ways to be creative and stay within budget( if this is neccessary for you). I have some tips and suggestions to make your wedding ceremony extra special and more easy breezy. I will be discussing these  things throughout the week and since I recieve numerous messages on this topic, I am so happy to share these things with you! So enjoy!

Wedding Tips  And Tricks

* Halloween may be low on popularity lists for weddings, making it great timing for availability and often great pricing. It also bring your playful side by asking  guests to come in costume,  adding a unique element of fun to your day.

* Marry on your parents or grandparents anniversary, and it’s an honor to their partnerships as well as perhaps a good luck charm.

* Despite travel hassles, Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day weekend are a three to four day weekend for everyone. More time to celebrate!

More tips coming soon…….


Just some simple tricks and tips

I just wanted to post a few tips at random. Hope you enjoy!

Do you want to reduce your nails breaking? Reduce the tendency for nails to break by rubbing nails with pure honey. Leave on for 10 minutes and wash off.

nail polish will stick better if you dip your nails into vinegar before applying the polish. Do not wipe off the vinegar but allow it to dry naturally.

Want to quickly dry your nails after applying polish? After applying polish, dip your fingers in icy cold water for 2 minutes. Polish will dry very quickly after.

If you have any questions please comment below! Coming soon with more info for you to enjoy. Thanks guys!

Bringing Kissing Back!

Kissing is one of the first ways we connect sexually. It sets off intense physical and emotional reactions in the body. It decreases levels of the stress hormone called Cortisol. It increases Oxytocin which is the bonding hormone. Kissing induces relaxation and builds connection. 

That’s why we are bringing kissing back! There are a few tips listed below to help you step up your kissing game!!! So the next time you are with your partner go ahead and plant one on them.

1.)use your hands – create a physical connection in addition to the ones your lips are making.  Try the shoulders, back of the neck, lower back, face…do what feels natural.

2.)make eye contact – Imagine you have to communicate with your eyes alone

3.)Have a heart to heart – If you both tilt your head to your own left side, and lean into your brace a little, your hearts will be touching…go ahead try it, it’s true

4.)relax your mouth and tongue – you will enhance your sensitivity this way 

5.)vary pressure,speed, and technique – you don’t want kissing to be boring, all it takes is variety

6.)know what you’re doing with your tongue – gently slide your tongue in your partners mouth, then move a little bit deeper. Besides lighting up all the many nerve endings in the mouth, the idea is to stimulate the salivary glands, which are located under the tongue next to the back teeth. Saliva contains testosterone , and testosterone provides a jolt to the libido.