Get Inspired!!!! Wedding Dresses For Fall!


More fun wedding ideas

Here are some more fun wedding ideas! 

1.  For that under the sea feel, with enormous glass walls showing you an under water wonderland, book an aqarium. Check out highly rated aqariums near you. You might not be aware yet that many aqariums regularly host weddings and big corporate parties. Even better you don’t have to spend money decorating because it doesn’t get better than the oceanic scenes all around you!

2. Great museums are hosting wonderful weddings and elegant corporate parties. Bringing your event right up close to their paintings and jewelry displays. These establishments may also have incredible rooms and ballrooms for a reception. This often overlooked opportunity makes for a unique and special wedding!

3. Winter weddings held at ski lodges give you the excitement of a snowy vacation with all the skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling you could want, not to mention great bars and lounges with oversized fireplaces and hot spiked drinks, outdoor hot tubs, and incredible suites with great views of moutains!

Elements, It’s Really Up To You!!!!!!

Here are some individual elements to look for when selecting your venue/location.

* Views

an ocean view, a mountain view, view of city lights, a view of a golf course

* Access to water

beach access, marinas, boats

* Water Features

a waterfall, fountains, koi ponds, rushing river water

* Greenery

spectacular gardens, flowering trees, trees changing in color,open fields, forest clearings, grassy dunes on the beach, gazebos, trellises, garden benches, stone walls, cobblestone paths, wishing wells

* In The Building

outdoor terrace, poolside, elegant library, cigar bar, piano bar, floor to ceiling windows, balconies and alcoves, observatories

The way a room or grounds are lit can make all the difference in the look and feel of any wedding location. Remember any site you look at, take a look at it also at night! You would truly like to see for yourself the way it’s illuminated.





Getting married  is a fun and exciting  time, not only for the bride but also for the groom and wedding party. Wether you have a big wedding or a small private ceremony there are ways to be creative and stay within budget( if this is neccessary for you). I have some tips and suggestions to make your wedding ceremony extra special and more easy breezy. I will be discussing these  things throughout the week and since I recieve numerous messages on this topic, I am so happy to share these things with you! So enjoy!

Wedding Tips  And Tricks

* Halloween may be low on popularity lists for weddings, making it great timing for availability and often great pricing. It also bring your playful side by asking  guests to come in costume,  adding a unique element of fun to your day.

* Marry on your parents or grandparents anniversary, and it’s an honor to their partnerships as well as perhaps a good luck charm.

* Despite travel hassles, Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day weekend are a three to four day weekend for everyone. More time to celebrate!

More tips coming soon…….