The Little Black Dress, A Timeless Classic!

Ok, so we as women know we need our own version of the little black dress. It should be our go to when we are really in need of something fashionable and comfy. The styles above are great styles in reference to buying your own little black dress. Think H&M, Forever 21, JC Penny, Macy’s and other great department stores that offer great deals and shopping for less. I’m a women on a budget, and sometimes being frugal is the way to go. For one, styles are forever changing, one trend is in, the other is out. I like black dresses because I see comfort in these. You can never go wrong and it will never be out of style. I can mention other colors but hey! Another blog, another day. Take pride in your figure and feel beautiful when you step out in it. Show the world how good you feel and look. For more dress ideas you can visit my online store and browse around. Whoever said black is tired and old, clearly did not know how to style their dress. Now, it’s nothing wrong with color…I encourage it. The little black dress will always in my opinion be the ultimate high and fall back outfit. You can dress up or dress down as long as you rock your smile!


Fidget while you work

Did you know that you can increase your physical activity level without taking a single step. The Mayo Clinic has identified a link between being lean and how much you fidget, stand, sit, and recline throughout your typical day. In measuring the movements of 10 lean and 10 mildly obese volunteers, every half second for 24 hours a day, researchers found that the obese subjects sat for an average of two hours more a day than the lean subjects. They also found that the lean subjects racked up a lot of small movements from fidgeting, pacing, and standing, which burned up to an additional 350 calories a day. For three super easy ways to bump up your activity level and burn extra calories:

Stand when you can, sit rather than recline, fidget like there’s no one watching.


You Can Win….

Okay guys, so I know you all have been waiting for my announcement today( ok not really) but I’m excited so hopefully you are too! STARTING 08/16/2013 TO 09/16/2013 there will be a contest going on for the 1st 100 people to buy from my online store. All the people who are following can enter and the deadline is 09/16/2013. Winner will be announced 09/20/2013. I will be choosing from the 1st 100 people to buy a product, any product from my online store located at the side bar right. I am going to explain the rules below and what the prize is. Thanks guys and good luck!

rules for contest : you must be one of my followers to be entered into contest but outsiders are more than welcome to purchase.

you must purchase a product or products directly from my website to qualify

after purchasing your product or upon receiving your product leave a comment on this particular blog post with the hash tag I want to win.

Then wait for winner to be announced 09/20/2013.

prize for winner will be a 25.00 gift card and a extra surprise gift! That’s right the winner will receive an extra prize! 

I’m so excited and good luck to all my followers!


My toddler daughter has been in daycare for about a year now. She has made so much progress and I can see her social skills really developing. I had to deal with quite a lot of BS from the staff over the past year. It really has me questioning the choice to let her stay another year there. I woke up this morning dreading the re-enrollment process. I personally think the environment is good for her but I feel they(the staff) hold a grudge against me of some kind. I don’t know if it’s because I’m married( I get the feeling some of them are jealous). They gossip like minor high school kids. Some of the benefits other parents get there, I do not receive the same treatment. Ok, I know I’m not the PTA queen and don’t get quite involved in the school festivities…but come on! I really should have a choice in the matter without having to feel excluded and unacknowledged as a great parent. Really guys, it took me several months to get them to acknowledge me. They catered to my husband(go figure) but paid me no kind of mind. I spoke ” good morning everyone” every single day and not one person spoke back. If my hubby speaks, it’s totally different. Maybe I’m overreacting to this but hey, I can feel some way about this right? If it wasn’t for the program helping my daughter, I would have enrolled her into a new school whom don’t frown upon working moms. Really????? My patience amazes me sometimes. I’m so glad I have you guys to vent to or my sanity might be questioned further down the line. I only gave you a light insight, trust me, it’s so much more to this story. So I guess this is good morning! Thanks guys for letting me vent…stay tuned for regular programming( this is the caffeine talking).

Check It Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,

I have created an online store just for you guys! I’m still in the process of uploading everything for you. I will indeed have something for everyone. So check in regularly for updates and more categories for you to choose from. Thanks for being my biggest supporters and I do this all for you guys enjoy! Check side menu. 

Interesting Facts For My Followers 8/11/2013

Hey Guys! I’m back with more interesting things for you, hope you enjoy!


  • Several studies show that the antioxidants in coffee offer protection against disease of the liver and colon and Parkinson’s disease.


  • To prevent nail polish from thickening, store it in the refrigerator.


  • Dab petroleum jelly on your pulse points before applying your perfume, your perfume will last much longer that way.


  • Woman are more prone to dementia illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, than men.


  • Walking five to six days  out of the week for 45 mins has been shown to decrease the risk of infection and boosts immunity the natural way.