Getting married  is a fun and exciting  time, not only for the bride but also for the groom and wedding party. Wether you have a big wedding or a small private ceremony there are ways to be creative and stay within budget( if this is neccessary for you). I have some tips and suggestions to make your wedding ceremony extra special and more easy breezy. I will be discussing these  things throughout the week and since I recieve numerous messages on this topic, I am so happy to share these things with you! So enjoy!

Wedding Tips  And Tricks

* Halloween may be low on popularity lists for weddings, making it great timing for availability and often great pricing. It also bring your playful side by asking  guests to come in costume,  adding a unique element of fun to your day.

* Marry on your parents or grandparents anniversary, and it’s an honor to their partnerships as well as perhaps a good luck charm.

* Despite travel hassles, Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day weekend are a three to four day weekend for everyone. More time to celebrate!

More tips coming soon…….


Here are some great cuts for the summer ! Hope you like them as much as I do and it inspires you to be creative with your next hairdo. 

These two hair styles are super hot and edgy. It has sass and all types of sexy goodness!!!! So the next time you are going to get your hair done, try one of these styles. Pretty sure you would get lots of compliments and feel on fire as the guys turn their heads….maybe even women, but that’s another blog! LOL….I know right?