Change It Up!

Chemistry doesn’t always happen on its own you have to put forth effort into creating sparks. Find ways to re-create elements of those heady early days of your relationship, and you’ll be as hot for each other as you were back then. Doing the unexpected will remind your lover of the days when he or she couldn’t predict your behavior in the same way as now. Consider introducing a new move in the bedroom or initiating sex at a time you usually don’t , such as in the morning or when he or she walks in the door from work. Give your lover a long passionate kiss when he or she is least expecting it. It’s not the nature of the surprise that’s important, it’s the unpredictability of it!
Change your routine!!!!!
When you try out activities that push you to your limits the adrenaline and dopamine released in your brain give you the kind of jitters that you feel during the infatuation stage of romance. And the excitement can do wonders for your sex drive and intimacy. So, if you dare, try an adventure date, like skydiving it bungee jumping. If heights are out of the question, opt for kayaking.
At the very least, change your routine when you go out on a date. Explore a new part of the neighborhood; sample new cuisine; order wine or drinks you never tried before. Do anything you like. But it must be new, and you must do it together.
Until next time……..


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